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AMS Program Training Videos

Important: In order to view these training, you will need to have the ability to view camstatia video streams.

Table of Contents

1000 Series - Styles

2000 Series - Order Entry
3000 Series - Cuts, Receipts, Contractors, WIP, Costs
4000 Series - Salesman
5000 Series - Inquiry
6000 Series - Fabric
7000 Series - Name and Address
8000 Series - Invoicing / Credit Memos
9000 Series - Picking Tickets
Ainq Series - Inquiry Menu
Setting Up Products Course



AMSNET Series - Basics

Users    Adding Users
Pivot     Pivot Grid Basics

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1000 Series - Styles

A0040    Change Account Number
A1100    Style Master Update
A1110    Style Master Inquiry
A1120    Style/Fabric Cross Reference
A1122    Cross Reference Inquiry
A1170    Style Inventory Transfer
A1180    Finished Goods Inventory Update
A1310    Blank Stock XRef
A1500    Multiple Price Maintenance

A1900    Defect Tracking Subsystem

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2000 Series - Order Entry

A2000     Order Entry
A2100     Order Master Maintenance
A2110     Order Header Status Change
A2150     Order Maintenance by Bill To/Corp Number
A2300     Mass Order Maintenance
A2800     Order Dollars vs Credit Limit

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3000 Series - Cuts, Receipts, Contractors, WIP, Costs

A3060     Cut Entry
A3070     Cut/Fabric Entry

A3072     Cut Receipts Inquiry
A3073     Contractor Delivery Forms
A3080     Contract Entry
A3200     Receipt Entry
A3340     Weeks Ten Hottest Styles
A3380     Projected Gross Margin
A3480     Contract Detail Entry
A3485     Contract Inquiry
A3510     Work in Process by Contractor
A3580     Actual Costs


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4000 Series - Salesman

A4100     Salesman Commission Update
A4150     Salesman Update

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5000 Series - Inquiry

A5010     Open Order/Style,Clr Total/Cut Requirement Inquiry
A5220     Allocation Preview
A5230     Open to Ship Inquiry
A5390     Open To Sell
A5400     Order Inquiry by Bill-To
A5410     Style Transaction Inquiry
A5600     On Line Cut Allocation

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6000 Series - Fabric

A6000     Fabric Inventory Transfer
A6100     Fabric Update
A6130     Fabric Quality Control Subsystem
A6150     Corporate Fabric Master
A6170     Corporate Fabric Inquiry
A6400     Pattern List Subsystem
A6500     Fabric Purchase Update
A6510     Fabric Receipt
A6530     Fabric/Vendor Inquiry
A6680     Material Inventory Inquiry
A6900     Vendor Master Update

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7000 Series - Name and Address

A7100     Name and Address
A7600     Name and Address Select

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8000 Series - Invoicing / Credit Memos

A8001     Invoice Inquiry/Reprint
A8040     Credit Memo
A8110     Table Maintenance   
A8300     Pack and Hold
A8400     Invoice Data Entry
A8410     On Line Invoice Register
A8530     Commission File Changes
A8700     Bill of Lading
A8900     Return Authorization

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9000 Series - Picking Tickets

A9830     Picking Ticket Select
A9850     Assignment or Unassignment of Contracts

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AINQ Series - Inquiry Menu

A3000     Cut and Sold Inquiry
A3500     Work in Process Inquiry
A5001     Corporate Customer Inquiry
A6010     Fabric Inquiry
A7110     Name and Address Search
A8000     Invoice Inquiry
A8030     Credit Memo Inquiry

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