Today getting your customer what they want on time is not enough. Customers are putting larger and more complex demands on their suppliers. UPC barcodes on units, UCC-128 compliant shipping labels, carton content information, tracking and electronic transmission of advance ship notices (ASN) are basic requirements in most industries. If the customer requirements are not met it can result in chargeback’s or even worse losing the customers business. To improve your competitive edge PSI has been developed to meet these requirements and much more.

PSI uses the latest advances in bar-coding technologies for automatic product identification. Bar coding is used to identify individual products, employee numbers, shipping cartons and in virtually all situations where data needs to be timely, accurate and captured more cost effectively than the manual process of data entry or writing.

Scanning of bar codes and data are captured by wireless symbol PDA scanners allowing the shipping process to occur virtually anywhere within your facility without limiting your end-users to terminal or corded scanner.

PSI verifies units are packed correctly according to your customers specification and order, generating all the correct UCC-128 label format and shipping documents.